Thursday, 29 December 2011

Title Mode

In statistics, the mode is the value that occurs most frequently in a data set, I don’t teach Maths and even I know that but can I analyse my film viewing habits in terms of the mode of the words used in their titles? I’ll give it a go. As part of my movie challenge 2011 I’ve watched over 365 films this year, nearly three thousand words make up their titles. The longest title was; Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole, whilst the shortest was Thor or Husk or Amer or JCVD etc... But what words appear most in the titles I’ve watched this year?

Blood/Bloody - 12 appearances ... no surprises here for a horror fan, from Satan’s Blood to Baron Blood and Baby Blood my cinematic year has been awash with claret

Kill/Killer - 12 appearances ... there’s both an ideal place to do it in my list as well as a quiet place to do it in my list, the red queen does it seven times, it happens to Bill twice but my favourite might just be a list of who to do it to

House - 6 appearances ... of the dead, in the woods, even on the edge of the park, I’ve watched a lot of films about simple abodes in 2011, thankfully party was not amongst them

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