Thursday, 29 December 2011

Gialli ... Three Of The Worst

I got into watching Gialli during 2010 after watching Profondo Rosso on the big screen at a local horror film festival and haven’t looked back since. Why giallo? Because who doesn’t like blood, boobs and black gloves? I used my 2011 movie challenge as an excuse to educate myself about this genre further by watching as many a giallo film as I could. I soon came to learn that the genre is an absolute minefield with the viewer as likely to find an outstanding example of cinema as they are an absolute shocker on a blind watch (the titles of the films don’t help either, I mean you’d expect a film called ‘The Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire’ to be awesome wouldn’t you?). If you’re interested here are three of the worst first watches of Giallo that I’ve had this year;

Seven Deaths In The Cat’s Eye (1973) - a vampire / giallo crossover that throws a murderous pussycat into the already confused plot for fun. Thank the maker that the idea of crossing Giallo with Hammer horror didn’t catch on because this does not work on any level. A film that I can’t give spoilers for as I genuinely didn’t understand it.

Delirium: Photo Of Gioia (1987) - One of Bava Junior’s low points for me, this film relies on poor quality nudity and weird imagery to entertain and fails hard. I’m still scratching my head trying to understand what it all meant ... people with the heads of flies, people with eyeballs instead of heads and killer dogs – it’s not as good as it sounds folks!

Seven Blood Stained Orchids (1972) - a complete misfire from Lenzi, the silver half moon that links a series of killings is more tired than roadkill. Dead cats offend, the identity of the killer is predictable and the lead actor Sabato is unconvincing. 

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